Havelock Island

Among the best destination in India, is situated 57 Kms North East of Port Blair. This destination attracts people all across the globe. White sand beaches and turquoise waters surrounding the island is a treat to watch and experience.

The best thing about this destination is that it suits every requirements, whether you are looking for a laid back vacation or a fun filled vacation, Havelock Island has everything to offer. Your vacation to the Andaman Islands is not complete until you have visited Havelock Island.

Havelock Island(57 km. by sea from Port Blair)
The Island, with beautiful sandy beaches fringed by a green canopy of the rainforest beckons everyone to enjoy the fun of the azure blue sea.

Best Places to Visit in Havelock

Havelock Island is accessible via ferry from Port Blair and is renowned for its crystal clear beaches, adventure activities and remote island character. There are several tourist places in Havelock Island, which can be explored by travellers. The best season or months to visit places in Havelock Island are February, March, April, October, November, December. Havelock Island is as remote as it can get and there is no question of any other commercial activity besides few resorts and dive centres.

Elephant beach in Havelock IslandRadhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach is among the most famous places to visit in Havelock Island, which falls in South Andaman district and is probably the most visited place in Andaman and Nicobar Islands group. It is locally known as beach no.7. and best beach in Asia according to the Time Magazine in 2004. The sun’s rays bounce off the pure white sand making it glitter like sprinkled diamonds and you instantly know why it’s considered to be one of the best beaches in Asia. Divers come here for its calm waters and the quality of coral reefs. Plan an early morning trip here to click breathtaking shots of the pristine beach and the calm sea. The sunset at this place is very popular. Radhanagar Beach is the place that’ll make you want to stay on this island.

Vijaynagar Beach

Vijaynagar beach also known as beach no.5, is popularly known for relaxing and refreshing environment. Tourists especially like the Vijaynagar beach for its fringing Mahua trees on the east coast of Havelock. You will love to click photograph next to them on the beach. Here you can unwind under the shade of the trees and enjoy the rhythm of the waves lulling you in to sweet sleep. The beach is lined by coconut trees under which you can drink, read or just take a nap. Authentic sea food cooked in Andaman style is worth a try at Vijaynagar Beach. The beach strip is large and isolated making it a perfect vacation spot for tourists looking for solace. This beach is believed to be an undeveloped paradise, where tourists can enjoy long and peaceful walk along the beach.

Elephant Beach

This is a small beach compared to Radhanagar Beach and full of water activities like snorkelling, jetsking and many more. This beach can be accessed through boat only. Don’t miss to see beautiful corals in the water during snorkelling. The white sand beach and the blue green water at the Elephant beach is enticing for almost every traveller. Don’t expect to sight any elephant here.

Kala Patthar Beach

This is a small beach near Havelock Island. It is one of the few places that the Administration of the ‘Andaman and Nicobar Islands Union Territory of India’ has permitted and encouraged development of tourism with a focus on promoting eco-tourism. The beach has a very beautiful view and nice place to click photographs and enjoy. The color of the water is so unique and beautiful with white sand. However, there are black stones which are huge hence, the name of the beach.

Japanese Hill

Japanese hill is a steep hill through the rainforest, which gives you a view through the trees of Havelock Island, beach, birds, butterflies and reptiles. It is next to the Radhanagar beach. You can enjoy the wilderness of Havelock and opt for a jungle safari here.

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Activities you can do at Havelock

Activity options in Havelock include snorkeling, scuba diving, game fishing, trekking, cycling, sunbathing,swimming, bird watching and much




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Bhagya Express (Closed)


The latest of the Andaman Cruise, Express Bhagya adds flexibility to the people travelling to Havelock and Neil Islands. Amazing speed giving you all together a different experience than Makruzz, Green Ocean and Government Ferry.


Green Ocean


Green Ocean is the largest and the only all weather private ferry. She Operates To And Fro Havelock and Neil from Port Blair .Our Mighty vessel GREEN OCEAN -1 offers the most comfortable and enjoyable on board experience. Further more our ship offers unique open deck cafeteria. Especially equipped with best music and dance arena for guest to relax. (more…)

Andaman Kayaking


Kayaking with Captain Hooks

The most popular and greener way to explore Havelock islands Mangrove creeks is Kayaking with Captain Hooks.
Bring nothing but your enthusiasm and a camera! Our guides will also photograph most of our kayaking trips.

Elephant Beach Havelock


Elephant Beach Havelock is the second most sorted out attraction in Havelock Island. Turquoise colored water, fallen tree trunks, mangrove creek, exquisite coral reef is what attracts thousands of travelers each year to this location. Snorkeling and Sea Walk are the two activities that cannot be missed when in Elephant Beach. (more…)

Sea Walk Havelock Island


Sea Walk Havelock Program is one of the easiest ways to explore the underwater world at Havelock Island. Sea walk is available at Elephanta beach in havelock. At 15-25 ft under sea level, therefore pace can only be leisurely whether your 8 or 80. It’s a easiest way to get a fish-eye view of life under the sea.  Sea Walk does not require any knowledge of swimming or diving and you are not even required to remove your glasses.

Scuba – Havelock Dive Programme

  • Scuba Diving in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is exceptional. The coastal belt surrounding the islands is the abode of one of the richest coral reef ecosystems in the world. The distinction is that here the coral reefs and underwater formations are untouched by human activities. Scuba Diving in Havelock (Nemo Reef).


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